An Introduction To Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting uses water as a standard mixture for the palette of colours, that is used with this artistic venue. It is one of the central methods of canvas painting, along with oil painting and acrylic painting. Watercolour artistic creations use a specific type of canvas that is made of a porous paper. This type […]


How To Use Face Painting Paints

Face painting is a great activity for children’s parties, fairs or carnivals. Even adults can get in on the fun. In some lines of the fashion industry face painting is also used to create special and unique looks on models. Face paint is a special type of paint that is made specifically for application on […]


How To Draw Caricatures Of People

Caricature drawings are visual representations of people or other characters that have been exaggerated. The goal of a caricature is to create humor and sometimes to scare people or create a gross effect. Caricatures are frequently used to make fun of or satirize people who are well known. You will often see caricatures of presidents […]


How To Embroider On Knitting

Hand made gifts are the envy of many people. The only thing that makes hand made products better is if they are somehow personalized to the receiver of the gift. Being able to embroider offers a large arena of products that can be personalized, including other hand made items such as knitted products. With a […]


How To Knit A Hat

So you have now become an expert on knitting a scarf and want to take it to the next level. The obvious next step would be to advance to knitting a hat to go with that scarf. Whether for you or as a unique gift idea, learning how to knit a hat is easy if […]


How To Knit

Knitting has regained popularity in recent years. From knitted scarves, hats and gloves, people are wanting to learn the art of knitting so they can make their own knitted projects. Knitting is not a difficult craft to learn. It is basically just to stitches done over and over. You will need to start your project […]

Magic Tricks

Fun Magic Trick With Rabbits

There are many rabbit tricks that you can perform at home or before an audience. Perhaps one of the most popular tricks is the classical hat-trick magic, where the performer produces a rabbit or an object such as a banquet of flowers from the top of an apparently empty hat. The rabbit magic trick can […]

Magic Tricks

How To Do Match Tricks

A person has to learn great magic tricks to become a good magician. However, many magicians are very critical of those that give away magical secrets. This leads to a bit of a conundrum: how does one learn tricks without being taught them? This is much easier in the age of the internet since so […]

Magic Tricks

How To Make A Coin Vanish

When was the last time you witnessed a magic trick that was so impressive that you had to know how it was done? The fact of the matter is that we are all curious about how tricks are done, and although we may not want to do the trick ourselves, just the thought of not […]

Paper Artistry

How To Make A Bookmark

Colourful custom bookmarks can be a great way get young readers interested in the joys of reading. Bookmarks can be as individualized as their users and the only limit to creating great bookmakers is the imagination. It can be fun to make your own bookmarks because you can use your favourite magazines, paints or photos. […]

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