How To Knit

Knitting has regained popularity in recent years. From knitted scarves, hats and gloves, people are wanting to learn the art of knitting so they can make their own knitted projects. Knitting is not a difficult craft to learn. It is basically just to stitches done over and over. You will need to start your project […]

Paper Artistry

How To Make A Paper Hat

A paper hat is a classic craft item, and it is the kind of items that can be made in a couple of minutes. This makes it great for gags, or as a quick prop while playing with children. Some of the things a person should know about making a paper hat is what paper […]


Capturing An Image With A Digital Camera

Taking pictures in today’s world is not like taking pictures decades ago. With the invention of digital cameras, you have more of an option of how to focus on a picture. In the past you would need to set the camera’s timer in order to try and arrange the perfect setting. Then you would have […]


How To Create Scrapbook Designs

Scrapbooking is a creative way to display pictures and memorabilia. With each page, you are telling a short story. In order to execute that story to its fullest potential, you have to have a strong scrapbook design. To create a scrapbook design takes some special papers, trims, letters, and of course pictures. Supplies needed Pencil […]


How To Resize Your Digital Photos

Your digital camera may very well be the best investment you have ever made. There are surely a lot of wonderful memories visible on the images you have captured. These images could be improved when you display then and the best way to do this is to resize the photos. For those who may not […]


How To Use Face Painting Paints

Face painting is a great activity for children’s parties, fairs or carnivals. Even adults can get in on the fun. In some lines of the fashion industry face painting is also used to create special and unique looks on models. Face paint is a special type of paint that is made specifically for application on […]


How To Knit A Hat

So you have now become an expert on knitting a scarf and want to take it to the next level. The obvious next step would be to advance to knitting a hat to go with that scarf. Whether for you or as a unique gift idea, learning how to knit a hat is easy if […]


How To Shoot Small Objects With Your Digital Camera

Digital photography can have many useful applications in may different areas. From fashion to weddings, sales, and action sports, photography has many different uses that many individuals find to be very helpful in many situations. When it comes to selling items online, there are many different ways that great digital photography can help an individual […]

Paper Artistry

How To Make A Bookmark

Colourful custom bookmarks can be a great way get young readers interested in the joys of reading. Bookmarks can be as individualized as their users and the only limit to creating great bookmakers is the imagination. It can be fun to make your own bookmarks because you can use your favourite magazines, paints or photos. […]


How To Choose Pottery Clay

Pottery is an excellent hobby to take up, as it is a soothing past-time which hones ones artistic sensibilities, and may even provide one with a small but simple means to profit. However, most individuals that have their interests bent on pottery often find starting the hobby somewhat difficult if not downright confusing. One of […]

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